Vehicle remapping is the process of accessing the brain of the vehicle with a laptop, either through the vehicles diagnostic socket or directly onto the PCM with the PCM out of the car and on the work bench.  Engine management files are read and a new customised file is flashed into the PCM for the purpose of either improving engine performance, turning off certain electronic systems, or whatever the customer desires.

In this clip, we show you how simple it is to remove your PCM and have it remapped without your vehicle having to leave home. We stumble, pause and grin, reading our very structured script, demonstrating gawkiness, yet explaining just how easy and time-saving this process can be. Below is also a 10 step procedure and the team at Seven Slot is here to guide you.

  1. Ensure your car is parked somewhere safe for 4 to 5 days and pop the bonnet.
  2. It is CRITICAL that the vehicle is locked and in shut down for 15 minutes prior to commencing the PCM removal.
  3. It is also VERY IMPORTANT that your fob/key/proximity button (whatever you like to call it) is further than a 5 meters radius from the vehicle. Otherwise, the whole operation may be defunct.
  4. Proceed to remove the 2 wiring plugs from the PCM. Next, undo the 3 bolts that separate the PCM from the cradle and remove both the cradle and the PCM from the car.
  5. If you have made it this far, you’re doing well! You can smile because you’re on the way to having a WK2 with more power and improved fuel economy.
  6. Once you have the PCM in your hand, you can latch the bonnet. DO NOT CLOSE AND LOCK THE BONNET! If you do, this can interfere with electronics.
  7. Package up the PCM in the box and pre-addressed return satchel we will send to you. Take yourself to the post office and send it!
  8. Your vehicles PCM will be sent back to Seven Slot via registered Australia Post for us to monitor and administer the process via Tunit, our selected remapping, and tuning company.
  9. Once the remapping is complete, we will return your PCM via registered Australia Post. You then unwrap, refit and enjoy.
  10. It is approximately a 4 to 5 day turn around for this procedure.

On installation of your newly remapped PCM you will receive follow up customer care calls by Todd or Anthony and Tunit customer service is also available, Australia wide.

For more information please call Todd or Anthony on (07) 3801 8185 or email anthony@sevenslot.com.au.