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DieselTune™ Emissions and Intake Cleaning System

Why use the DieselTune™ Emissions and Intake Cleaning System?

EGR Systems can become clogged with carbon deposits that affect fuel economy and performance of a diesel vehicle. The EGR Cleaning Tool applies the powerful Diesel EGR System Cleaner, into the circuit. For most applications the exhaust side of the EGR is serviced, then the intake side. This cleaner rapidly dissolves the deposits, eliminating the issues commonly associated with plugged EGRs.

Features and Benefits:

  •  Thoroughly cleans the EGR circuit removing stubborn carbon deposits, eliminating the need for teardown and part replacement
  • Cleans variable geometry turbochargers (VGTs) including vanes
  • A wide variety of engine adapters available to suit the needs of today’s Diesel Specialist
  • Exceeds industry injector standards for major engine manufacturers
  • Eliminates issues caused by biodiesel and water in fuel

Save 20% this month, paying only $240. You will feel the difference and your engine will love you in return!

Tune It Optimum Plus Chip

Tunit Optimum Plus is a patented revolutionary chip that is designed for petrol vehicles, naturally aspirated, turbo and super charged, to increase performance by up to 20%. Click here for more information.

Redback 4×4 Exhaust Systems

Redback 4×4 Exhaust Systems are proudly Australian made in their high tech Melbourne based factory. Despite being one of the oldest exhaust manufacturing companies in Australia their facility has been developed over the past 3 decades into one of the most technologically advanced.

Not all exhaust manufacturers are the same, for example, they use electric mandrel benders whereas all other manufacturers in Australia use hydraulic machines; electric is considerably more expensive but more accurate and consistent in the bending process.

Redback 4×4 not only offers you a well designed and engineered product with superior features like various interchangeable sound options but also an industry-leading sales and technical support service.

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Optimal Torque and Performance From Your Vehicle

With Sprintex Superchargers you’ll experience a robust increase in power, improved torque from idle and absolutely no lag. The thermal and volumetric efficiency range of the twin screw Sprintex Supercharger results in lower discharge temperature and pressure at all power levels – reducing engine stresses and providing the best torque available.

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