This JK Wrangler bestows a build that most people only dream of.

The owner, Chris, had ideas of a Jeep build so great it would conquer the dessert, be the beast of the bush, traverse its natural surrounds with ease, and tackle rough terrains with tact and muscle by using brand new aftermarket accessories installed by Seven Slot Off Road.

Chris knew he would void his Factory warranty by modifying it to the extreme he wanted to. However, bordering those warranty woes lied a comfort in the fact his Jeep would be transformed into something greater. In addition to this, each accessory installed entailed its own warranty, so that was peace of mind.

Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Chrysler Jeep Dodge

The Jeep was transformed into the foremost favourite of 4×4 vehicles sporting brands such as AEV, Sprintex, Nitto, Uneek 4×4 and the list does not end there.

With the reassurance provided by Seven Slot Off Road in quality care installation, testing, re-testing, photos, inspections and lastly, the pleasure the team on the floor felt when they presented Chris with his car –  after a month of modifications – he had created the perfect dream Jeep for himself. 

Chris’ JK Wrangler modifications are:

What is next on Chris’ list for Santa?!

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