There may be a day you decide to go for a small off road trip by yourself and guess what happens? You need winching help!

If you are stuck have a look at what has caused the vehicle to stop. Decide if forward or back is the best way to go. If you are severally hung up consider hi lift jacking the car to pack something under the wheels to clear the obstacle.

We have many ways to self-recover, but this all depends on what your situation is. In this scenario we are going to use an electric winch as an example. Here are some helpful hints:

Direct Line Pull 

This is for the small situations that you know your winch will handle. Remember to always have your Jeep in the lowest gear and drive at the same time as winching so not to stress and overheat your winch. When winching off a tree always use a rated shackle and a trunk protector so you don’t harm the tree.

Double Line Pull

When you realise the car is either stuck heavily or you need to have good slow control for safety this will also double the strength of your winch. Simply snatch block off the tree and bring the winch back to the rated tow point on your vehicle. As with the single line pull always have your Jeep in the lowest gear and drive at the same time as winching.


  • operate your winch under water
  • have people standing around the rope/cable when winching
  • forget to use a damper
  • use a tow ball as a winching point
  • panic.

The main thing with winching is to make sure you have your plan thought out and remain calm. Give clear instructions to others to stay clear and always use rated products for the safety of yourself and others.

If you would like more information on this please contact Todd; todd@sevenslot.com.au or phone (07) 3801 8185.

 Credit: Mark A. Smith’s Guide to Safe, Common Sense Off Road Driving